Solutions for business

We understand the challenges businesses face when managing their fleets. Even with strong fleet management professionals, it is not an easy job. And often companies do not have such resources at all.

Kits, prices, leasing issues, maintenance, tires, the best time to sell used cars… There are so many challenges in managing a company’s car fleet. It is impossible to fully understand everything without working with these questions every day.

We work on it every day and we know.

Our relationship with companies is very similar to that with private customers. The main difference is that companies usually have large fleets, which requires additional analysis.

First of all, we collect data about all the cars owned. We analyse the data and inspect the cars to determine their market price that we will actually sell them for.

Together we analyse company’s need for new cars. After clarifying everything, we create a list of 3-4 cars that meet the customer’s needs, wishes and capabilities. We also provide preliminary calculations for leasing, insurance and maintenance.

We continue to advise, to answer questions and to help in every way, but the customer has to make a final decision which models we move forward with.

We provide customer with calculations and recommendations, which cars should be sold and why. Customer makes decisions about the sale of existing cars. We advise and answer any questions that may arise.

We can sell customer’s used cars. We manage the entire process with minimal involvement from customer.

Usually, used cars are sold immediately after the new ones arrive. In this way, the company’s activities are never disrupted.

After optimising the range of cars of interest, we move towards the final choice. If necessary, we organize test drives. If customer really needs it, test cars will be waiting at the door of the office.

After deciding on the make and model of the car, we work on the features. Of course, customer is always right, but in this step our main job is to tell you which features of the kit will not only be useful on a daily basis, but also retain lasting value, and which will simply be for you and your employee’s comfort.

The price is exclusively our work. We are looking for the best prices. And we always find them. We also coordinate delivery terms and any other details.

Customer can take care of leasing and insurance by themselves. However, we always recommend to allow us to review the offers customer receive. We know what the best conditions should look like, so we strive to ensure that our customers get only those.

Customer and customer’s company employees are happy with the new fleet, and we are happy with a job well done and another satisfied customer.

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