State support for the purchase of an electric car

It’s no secret that the transport sector emits a large proportion of greenhouse gases and is the biggest contributor to climate change. Therefore, countries that want to reduce pollution encourage residents and businesses to replace old, fossil fuel-powered vehicles with electric cars.

Lithuania also has ambitious goals in this area. In order to achieve them, according to the program of the Environmental Project Management Agency (APVA), residents were supported by 4,000 EUR compensatory payment for new and 2,000 EUR payment for the purchase of a used electric car. Those who properly destroyed the old polluting car received an additional 1,000 EUR. By the way, compensations were also given to business entities.

From 2022 June 2 to 2026 December 31 for all electric vehicles registered from 2022 March 23, compensation will be provided. 5,000 EUR for new electric cars and 2,500 EUR – for used ones. Legal entities are also supported up to 4,000 EUR.

We have helped many of our customers fill out such applications and receive compensation. Together with other market experts, we have constantly provided APVA with suggestions on how to improve the former program. So, we follow the news and get actively involved so that the changes went smoothly and we can help our customers buy electric cars at a cheaper price.