Charging stations at home for electric cars

Imagine: always free, just waiting for you, your own charging station for electric cars and a fully charged engine before every trip. It can be installed quickly and easily – just you call us beforehand. Then we will introduce you to the “Įkrautas“ team. We not only cooperate with them, but also share the same philosophy – to ensure the highest level of service to our customers and to make complex processes easy and pleasant.

You may say why to own a personal charging station if you can charge your engine for free in the city? To save time and have freedom of movement. Using the network of public charging stations is not always convenient just because of the queues and as electric cars become more popular, they will only get longer. In addition, the need to plan your time and journeys based on a map of charging stations and availability simply limits your freedom.

We also offer electric car drivers who live or spend a lot of time in the countryside to consider installing their own charging station. In areas far from urban places, the amount of charging stations is poorer.

It is estimated that according to the current rates of electricity prices in the country, charging the engine of an electric car for 100 kilometers costs approximately 2-3 EUR. We remind you that charging the battery at night is at cheaper rate. The time saved, the ability to have a fully charged engine every morning, and the convenience is totally worth it, isn’t it?

Our partners will not only assess whether it is technically possible to install a charging station in an underground garage or other common premises, but will also prepare a project. Then they will get the approval of the house administrator or collect the necessary signatures of the residents of the house to obtain the work permit.

Do you live in an old apartment building that does not have an underground parking lot or other options for installing a station? Then “Įkrautas” will offer the best options for portable charging stations. In any case, there will be many ways to solve the problem.

If you have your own business, you can also install electric car charging stations for your employees and customers or monetize the charging stations – “Įkrautas” can install them together with an integrated payment system. With it, you will be able to offer electric car charging as a paid service.

How is it done?

Those who decides to buy their own station usually have many questions. What should I choose, are all the stations suitable for my electric car, where and how can I install it, and finally – will the electric power in the garage be enough? All of them are answered by our friends “Įkrautas”.

Step 1. Survey and needs analysis

Unlike regular sellers, our partners do not offer a station until they come and inspect the place where the customer intends to install it. During such an inspection, the customer’s needs and possibilities are also discussed in detail.

Step 2. Offers

Shortly after the inspection, the “Įkrautas” team returns to the customer with the most suitable solutions and offers for the best prices. Each of them is explained in detail and comprehensibly: technical, installation and management costs and disadvantages of each proposed station.

Step 3. Preparation and installation

If necessary, our partners also perform preparatory work, measure resistances or increase electrical power. If necessary, they also take care of the installation of the station. From the first call to the finish of the work, it may take up to 1-3 weeks.

Step 4. Supervision

Our partners’ friendship with the customer does not end with the installation of the station. “Įkrautas” offers equipment from the world’s most famous manufacturers, which not only provides guarantees, but also takes care of its quality operation and maintenance in the future.