We evaluate which financial method of purchase is most beneficial for every customer. All customers have different incomes, responsibilities, age, marital status, employment contracts and more – this means that each case is unique and must be assessed individually.

Leasing with residual value is usually chosen as the best option. Why? Because it is the safest and most flexible financing method for the customer.

How it works in practice:

The standard offered residual value of the car after 5 years is often from 30% of the purchase price. The initial down payment is 15% of the purchase price. Hence, leasing typically finances around 55% of the car’s value.

What opportunities does customer have in 5 years:

(Leasing without residual value does not give these options)

  1. In most cases, after leasing term, the market value of customer car will be higher than the debt to the leasing company, which means that at the end of the term, customer will have the opportunity to sell the car (with our help), to pay the remaining debt to the leasing company, and to invest the recovered initial down payment in a new car;
  2. In the case when customer tends to own the car and don’t want to change it, there is a possibility to pay the remaining 30% by leasing until full buyout;
  3. In case customer doesn’t want to keep the car, or can’t do that, or the residual value of car after 5 years is higher than its market price, customer may simply return the leased car to the seller and buy a new one.

What is our role here?

With reliable partners and deep knowledge in finances, we:

  1. We consult;
  2. We negotiate the lowest interest rates and contract fees;
  3. We negotiate the higher residual value of the car. A higher residual value means significantly lower monthly payments, allowing customer to purchase a better car within monthly budget;
  4. We also help people working (earning incomes) outside of Lithuania to get a leasing offer;
  5. We ensure that there are no unnecessary terms in the contracts.

It is very easy to overpay or get involved in complicated processes. We sincerely do not want this to happen to our customers.

Need help with leasing?