When buying a new car, 2 insurances will be required:

Mandatory civil liability insurance for drivers.

It insures not the vehicle itself, but the driver’s civil liability against other persons and their property. It doesn’t matter what kind of damage the moving vehicle causes and to whom – the insurance will compensate the injured party. This insurance covers all drivers without exception and is well known to every driver;

CASCO insurance.

Generally speaking, this is voluntary vehicle insurance that covers the damage dealt to your vehicle. CASCO insurance is usually covered for “all risks”. This means that the insurance covers all unexpected and unforeseen events in which the vehicle is damaged, destroyed or stolen.

For leased cars, CASCO is no longer just voluntary insurance. It is MANDATORY for the entire car leasing period.

In this way, the leasing company ensures that in the case of car theft, an accident or any other significant damage to the car, the losses will be compensated by the insurance company, and there will be no problems with recovering the damage from the car user.

You can also get additional benefits by taking CASCO insurance such as driver and passenger accident insurance, technical assistance on the road, replacement car service, additional equipment insurance and others.

By choosing to purchase a car without leasing, CASCO insurance is theoretically not mandatory for you. But, in our opinion, not insuring a new or used car with CASCO insurance would be one of the worse decisions you could make.

We are not insurance brokers and we do not sell insurance policies. However, we are well aware of insurance conditions and cooperate with experienced insurance brokers who offer our company’s customers:

  1. Special conditions and pricing, ensuring the lowest insurance prices;
  2. Insurance services are provided rapidly;
  3. Consults on all matters of concern;
  4. Helps in the event of a traffic accident;
  5. Takes care of the extension and renewal of insurance policies.

We always recommend our customers to consult with us regarding insurance matters and allow us to evaluate the insurance conditions they have. As in all other cases, we simply strive for the best result.

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