New car’s purchase consultations

You want to be told that the prices of cars from an official dealership pricelist and offer the “best” 3% discount? Do you want to seek for the attention of a seller-consultant, but still not to receive a real advice? Do you want to be served only from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.? Do you want to delve deeper into the nuances of guarantees, service, leasing and insurance by yourself?

It’s not us.

We offer different car buying model – not quite familiar, not quite believable. We are not saying that buying a new car with our help is better. BUT… that’s what our customers say.

Buying a new car is not just flipping through ads and going to the market with cash in hand or to visit the showroom, at the best. Many things changed. A new car is Your choice. We once wanted to live like people to the West of us. We live now.

You are free to buy a new car You would like to. However, pleasure comes with all tons of work, numbers and other matters at the same time. That should not occupy Your mind. This is where we come in.

Our main goal is to make buying a car completely simple and understandable for every person. Even for someone who has never encountered it. We call it consulting. With our help, we go step by step with the customer on the way to buying a car.

Step 1.

Get in touch and learn the possibilities

Every customer is unique so every car purchase is different. The customer tells us about himself, his lifestyle, interests, wishes and possibilities. We discuss both annual mileage and the number of dogs in the household.

After clarifying everything, we create a list of 3-4 cars that may meet the customer’s needs, wishes and capabilities. Now – it’s customer’s decision.

We continue to advise, answer questions and help in every way, but the customer has to decide which models we move forward with.

Step 2.

Test drive and decision making

After reducing the range of cars of customer’s interest, we move towards the final choice. If necessary, we organize test drives. If it’s needed, test cars will be waiting at the door of customer’s home or office.

After deciding on the make and model of the car, we work on the features. Of course, customer is always right, but in this step our main job is to tell you which features of the kit will not only be useful on a daily basis, but also retain lasting value, and which will simply be for your comfort.

Step 3.


A new car is an expensive purchase, so price is very important. Price is our job. We are looking for the best price. And we always find it.

Step 4.


In this step we only allow customer to enjoy the process and wait. With the help of several completed forms, we find the leasing conditions that are best for customer’s wishes and possibilities. We receive offers, compare, choose the best. Customer just makes decision for further actions.

Step 5.


We get the best offers for civil liability and CASCO insurance. The customer chooses the best option.

Step 6.

The result

You enjoy your new car and we enjoy a job well done and another happy customer.

Want to buy a new car?