About us

Deals On Wheels was born from practice, from personal and customer experiences. Over time, observing customers, their needs and desires, it became obvious that many people need not only technical specifications, but sincere help and respectful advice when choosing a car.

Something had to be done. And we did it!

We are with the customer in the entire process of buying a new car. We advise customers on how to choose a car that will be satisfied throughout its lifetime. How to assemble it intelligently, where to start, how to draw up a budget and to plan its financing. We answer these and many other questions. We advise which method of purchase would be the most useful, taking into account each situation individually.

We find the best price offer not only for the car, but also for leasing, insurance, tires and maintenance.

We do not express out any car brand so we help the customer choose a car that perfectly suits needs and lifestyle.

We can also offer used cars. These are only our customers’ used cars, with reliable maintenance, traffic accidents, etc. story.

Our goal is to see as many new cars as possible on Lithuanian roads. A new car is not only peace and comfort. This is also greater safety in your daily journeys.

We aim to create new quality standards in the field of car sales and customer service and turn the car buying process from complicated to simple. From one that causes stress to one that will bring joy.

How does it work?

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